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January 22, 2021

T&T Enterprises is a family-owned business built over three generations who have created a legacy for the Thalasinos family name. Excellence is what we strive for each day and we will continue to put our customers first as we move forward into the new year.


In order to provide an energy source that is safe and reliable, the Nuclear Power Industry is reliant upon quality materials. The Nuclear Manufacturing Industry is where T&T Enterprises has flourished for more than 25 years.


With our careful attention to detail and quality we have managed to receive an ASME Quality System Certificate. This means our manufacturing process meets or exceeds industry standards of efficacy and quality. Not only this, but we have been previously recognized by the National Tooling and Manufacturing Association as Manufacturer of the Year 2019. → 


Our T&T Enterprise team consistently ensures that we are up to date with any and all revised procedures and policies in which we are expected to meet within our industry regulations. 



T&T Enterprises prides itself in manufacturing the best quality fasteners at the most competitive market price in the United States. We carry a robust inventory of products, allowing us to assist with all our customer’s needs.


As a byproduct of the quality we are known for supplying, we take our customer relations and company goals very seriously. Not only do our employees know their way around the manufacturing side of the business, but they also hold similar values that define the culture of T&T Enterprises: quality, integrity and accountability. In support of the team, T&T recognizes one employee each month that represents these traits by giving them $500 cash! In turn, this further ignites interest in our employees to bring their best work each day and put their best foot forward in all they do.


Our registered trademark, “We move fast for you”, represents our priority for providing world-class customer service and reflects the fast-past culture of T&T Enterprises. 


Our success would not be known if it wasn’t for our high standards for employee care and job satisfaction. Not only is it important for us to treat our customers well, but also those who help make this business possible every day. 


Our commitment to transparency is the reason why we’ve decided to take additional steps in sharing more about our company. From featured employees, to industry news and more, we endeavor to make our communication and relationship building an ongoing effort here at T&T Enterprises. We invite you to follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on the company and to get to know us on a deeper, more personal level.

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