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August 4, 2022


Nuclear energy is leading the way in clean energy alternatives.

Alongside other major clean energy sources, nuclear is known to make a significant contribution in achieving sustainable energy. T&T Enterprises and other organizations who work closely with energy have absorbed the overwhelming data supporting this clean energy alternative and are proud to be among the many organizations implementing major changes.


In recent studies, nuclear energy was deemed the most dependable energy source in America. In 2021, Nuclear power plants ran at full capacity more than 92% of the time. This equates to 1.5 to 2 times more reliable energy as natural gas (57%), coal plants (40%), and roughly 2.5 to 3.5 times more reliable than wind (35%), and solar plants (25%).

Nuclear energy is recognized as a clean energy alternative as it produces little to no harmful emissions and substantially less air pollution. In 2020, nuclear energy provided 52% of America’s carbon-free electricity, which is the largest source of domestic clean energy. This is important because a lack of diversity in energy supplies can lead to higher prices and a higher demand for natural gas and coal.

Nuclear power plants can also play a huge role in securing clean energy when keeping power grids stable. By pivoting from solar and wind to nuclear energy during seasonal fluctuations, power plants can keep our environment clean without disrupting energy demands.

T&T Enterprises is pleased to be supplying companies with the parts they require to run nuclear power plants as a clean energy alternative reducing our impact on the environment. Look to T&T Enterprises as your technical experts with over 25 years in the nuclear power industry - we are prepared to be an ally in the fight for sustainable energy.

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