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October 3, 2022

Supporting Your Team 24/7

Our team at T&T Enterprises are your go-to when it comes to making sure you always have the support you need. If an emergency arises, you can feel confident that our team will quickly identify the problem and implement an appropriate strategy for the most effective and efficient solution ensuring you get the products and support that you need. 

Our team thrives on challenges, and when a facility shut down operation or scheduled maintenance brings to light an immediate need for T&T products we are ready to jump into action. So how does our 24/7 support maintenance work? T&T Enterprises is available for calls at any time; whether your facility needs 4 bolts or 400 bolts. Our in-house testing laboratory, inventory, and vast manufacturing capability play a large role in how we expedite important and urgent requests. Our process with our customers consists of:

  1. Providing an immediate quote

  2. Notifying our team to begin production which launches, on average, within one hour of the confirmed order

  3. From here forward, the request becomes the top priority of our Hot Job Production team who specializes in these types of urgent manufacturing needs

  4. Customers receive constant communication on the status of their parts from manufacturing through shipping to ensure that the task is brought to completion with absolute satisfaction


We work hard to ensure that when a customer needs to submit a high priority request, that they can lean on us to supply an easy and fast solution. T&T Enterprises addresses this on all fronts with quality products and a team filled with integrity and accountability. This is the recipe for success when critical parts are requested. 


Look to T&T Enterprises as your technical experts with over 25 years in the nuclear power industry. Contact us today if you require a quick turnaround on your parts. We move fast for you.

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