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October 28, 2022

Turn to T&T Enterprises.

Supply chain shortages or delays can hinder businesses across the world by causing production pauses and delivery stalls. T&T Enterprises have solutions that mitigate these critical issues and others that may arise. Here are just some of the unexpected benefits USA based companies can experience when sourcing their specialty fasteners with T&T Enterprises:

  • Improved delivery time. By sourcing with T&T, you will improve on-time delivery and by eliminating overseas manufacturing related delays and ocean freight delays.

  • Reduction in overall cost. The amount of money spent on logistics by North American companies exceeds $1 billion every year. Overseas freight cost alone has increased by 10x over the last two years; not to mention the added cost at the port for storage, import and export fees, labor fees, and truck shortage price gauges.

  • More control and visibility. The closer you are to your suppliers, the more accountable they can be held. Face-to-face visits enable you to address any concerns and ensure all products meet or exceed your needs.

  • Most items are available and ready for purchase. T&T forecasts usage, holds inventory, and orders large volumes from a reputable supplier in an anticipation of future orders.

  • Full-scope manufacturing capabilities. T&T has start-to-finish fastener manufacturing abilities right here in the USA and a wide supplier base that we have cultivated relationships with for over 25 years

T&T Enterprises understands the critical nature of having your parts available - we are ready to be a partner who can provide you with solutions to problems unforeseen or expected. Contact us today at 951-340-0911. We move faster for you.

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