October 19, 2021


T&T Enterprises Launches First Ever Virtual Training Course for Nuclear Fastener Inspection

T&T Enterprises, a leader in nuclear fastener manufacturing, announces a new partnership with CEU Events to offer an industry-first virtual live training course on Nuclear Fastener Inspection. This course will help improve the participant’s knowledge and understanding of technical requirements for nuclear fastener’s visual and dimensional inspection. T&T’s new course will be offered for $49 with the first live training scheduled for November 16, 2021.


Key learning objectives for the Nuclear Fastener Inspection course include:

  • Participants will review the Inspector qualification requirements needed to become a Nuclear Fastener Inspector.

  • Learn the five key points to a Dimensional Inspection on a Nuclear Fastener.

  • Utilize your sights and understand elements to a Visual Inspection.

  • Understand the opportunities surrounding Non-Conforming Materials to properly record and report the details for the safety of the project.


The course will be instructor led by an ASME NQA-1 Qualified Level III Inspector with industry expertise in manufacturing, inspection, testing, quality assurance, operations, and leadership. After the course, each participant will receive a course completion certificate and be qualified to take future training courses from T&T Enterprises. For more dates and registration information,

visit https://www.ttenterprises.com/training.