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March 22, 2021



When it comes to Nuclear Fastener Manufacturing, T&T Enterprises are your technical experts. After 25 years, we have grown to understand the intricacies of the nuclear power industry and what our clients need, often before they do. Our purpose is to ensure our customers, clients, and team receive the best, and that starts with knowing what to look for in a nuclear supplier.

As a company in need of a good nuclear fastener supplier, there are five main prerequisites you should be looking for: 

1. Are they supplying good quality fasteners? 

  • A great nuclear supplier will tell you: quality starts on the machine. With over two decades of manufacturing experience, we can say with confidence that you cannot inspect quality into a poorly manufactured part.  Your supplier should have a good quality program and seasoned machinists that understand the importance of each operation. The key is to find a supplier that encourages a quality-driven culture that will ultimately lead to less scrap and a better finished part.


2. Does your supplier or sub-supplier specialize in manufacturing nuclear fasteners?  

  • Over the years we have seen a trend of companies making the cost-driven choice to purchase commercial-grade fasteners and perform commercial-grade dedication in accordance with their quality program and supporting procedures for non-code nuclear safety-related application. While this process is within the rules, it has been proven that companies who specialize in manufacturing fasteners in accordance with their nuclear quality program typically have a far superior team of manufacturing, inspection, and quality specialists that understand fastener specifications chemical, physical, dimensional, and visual requirements. These companies can typically provide an elevated level of assurance that the material will adequately function in service.


3. Do they practice attention to detail with each project? 

  • If your procurement team talks about your nuclear fastener supplier always returning requests for quotation or clarification on purchase orders, you’ve found yourself a good supplier. Encourage your team to learn from your supplier and make their best effort to educate their customers. A good nuclear fastener manufacturer will understand the requirements and provide you with an opportunity to learn.


4. Are they providing the most cost-efficient option?

  • Nuclear fastener manufacturers should always provide the best price offerings based on quantity. In other words, your supplier should offer volume discounts. Manufacturers are faced with minimum lot quantities for each operation. Hot or cold forging will have a minimum setup cost, heat-treating will have a minimum cost, and so on. If your company can forecast usage for any particular item or hold a few extra pieces on the shelf, your supplier should be able to provide a measurable cost-saving quote.


5. Is communication with your supplier clear, responsive, and rapid? 

  • As the client, it is important that you select a supplier who has exhibited excellent communication skills. They should be willing and ready to assist their client’s needs at any moment. Ask yourself:

    • Does your supplier listen to your company’s project demands? 

    • Will they open up at any hour to address your needs? 

A great nuclear manufacturer has a full team ready to work at any time of the day.


When searching for a nuclear fastener supplier, use each conversation to gauge if your potential supplier can deliver. Ask hard-hitting questions to determine their commitment to service, communication, quality, and efficiency to meet your needs. And if you’re still unsure of what to look for or what makes an excellent supplier, contact us today and T&T will make sure all your needs are met. 

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