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February 18, 2021

Businesses within the manufacturing industry are facing immense challenges as the pandemic continues to push the economy to the brink. In a recent survey, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) revealed 80% of manufacturers expect the pandemic to have a financial impact on their business, while 41% of manufacturers have felt the effects of the pandemic on their workforce and productivity.

In order to promote the longevity of our business, despite economic challenges, we at T&T Enterprises are making every effort to recenter our focus on what matters most: People.

T&T Enterprises will use this year to shift its focus to people by emphasizing the importance of maintaining and building relationships with customers, vendors and employees. When economic challenges arise it can be easy to focus on making sales.  However, here at T&T Enterprises, we know that building and maintaining a strong foundation of leaders and representatives will always be the backbone of our success.

American businesses are under an unprecedented amount of pressure. Productivity and passion are what keep the lights on and business’s open. We understand that clients, vendors and employees are all under an added level of pressure to perform at their best.


As we navigate through the year we will continue to uphold the principles that have guided us to success. That means shifting even more focus on our employees, vendors, and customers to improve their day-to-day experiences. We CARE about improving the T&T Enterprises experience for everyone we encounter.


This year, we are planning to take the next step by offering a “Certified Nuclear Fastener Professional” Training Program. Launching late Summer, our training program will equip employers with the tools and knowledge to empower their employees. This digital training platform that can be accessed virtually and provides a strong base of technical knowledge for fastener industry professionals to use in their day-to-day job activities. We anticipate T&T Enterprises will be improving educational opportunities for the professional fastener industry for years to come.


We saw an opportunity to support, strengthen and educate our colleagues in this industry. Utilities, Distributors, and Manufacturer’s are faced with a workforce changing from seasoned veterans to a new generation of professionals. The baby boomers are retiring, Covid-19 has had it’s impact, and we are seeing a new set of values that drive the Millennials to achieve. As industry specialists with 100+ years combined experience, T&T Enterprises is committed to helping bridge the gap. 



T&T Enterprises is proud to boast that our Sales, Quality and Production Teams represent a customer-driven culture that is second to none. Our senior team members specialize in customer service and have committed to provide the entire team a series of training sessions for 2021 to keep this winning culture alive.


Our leadership team does an annual review of all of our vendors to develop a strategic plan to strengthen our vendor’s ability to have synergy with our customer-driven culture and understand fastener industry technical requirements. In 2021, we intend to further our commitment to our vendors and their employee’s fastener industry education.


Our leadership team firmly believes that by understanding our team members and following Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” Theory, we can help support their mission to self-actualization and growth within the company. 

In addition, we have deployed predictive software to understand our team members behavioral strengths and weaknesses as it relates to the behavioral target for each job. This behavioral job target was built by the highest performing employee in their department and their manager, so we are confident that we understand each job and the role our team members hold to fulfill their duties each day.

In 2021 we will continue our commitment to understanding each team member’s needs and supporting their growth. We want our team members to be in a role that fit’s their natural ability and when there is a stretch, we will be there to help bridge the gap.


Bottom line—People will always be at the forefront of our priorities and we strongly believe in empowering, not only those who are a part of the T&T Enterprises family, but also our partners and customers who have continued to put their faith and trust in us. We have big plans for a prosperous year.


“Each comment you make is like a hurricane in the ocean. It has waves that can not be stopped. Let the waves of your hurricane be ones of empathy, encouragement and confidence,” Brent Thalasinos, CEO. 

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